OpenBench and Related Sciences Launch AI-Enabled Drug Discovery Collaboration

Related Sciences expands its portfolio of drug discovery approaches with OpenBench's AI-enabled screening platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenBench, Inc., a pioneer in success-driven small molecule discovery collaborations, today announced the launch of a collaboration with Related Sciences ("RS"), a data science-driven drug discovery studio, to leverage OpenBench's structure-based machine learning platform to find novel, potent chemical hit material for an initial high value RS target.

The parties aim to apply OpenBench's success-driven discovery approach to current and future targets prioritized by the RS Facets™ machine learning platform for development by RS biotech companies. Under the terms of the agreement, OpenBench will receive payment upon the identification and experimental confirmation of novel small molecule chemotypes that meet activity and developability criteria defined by RS. In exchange, RS gains exclusive purchase rights to discovered leads and access to OpenBench's proprietary screening technology with respect to the target of interest. Detailed financial terms were not disclosed.

Dr. Lewis Martin, Chief Scientific Officer at OpenBench, said: "We hold the Related Sciences team in high esteem as drug hunters, and we are pleased to work with a group that shares our belief that data-driven decision making can radically improve drug discovery. Initial data from our collaboration looks quite promising, and we expect that the speed and efficiency of OpenBench's success-driven early discovery platform will synergize naturally with Related Sciences' desire to rapidly and rigorously prosecute a wide range of critical therapeutic opportunities."

Dr. Brian Albrecht, Partner and Head of Drug Discovery at Related Sciences, said "We've been extremely impressed with the scientific rigor and attractive business model that OpenBench brings to the collaboration on top of its advanced AI-driven hit finding capabilities. It makes for a truly great pairing with Related Sciences' portfolio-based approach to drug discovery and our own machine learning platform for target prioritization."

About Related Sciences
Related Sciences (RS) is a data science-driven drug discovery studio. RS uses a proprietary machine learning platform to identify the best new drug discovery opportunities for every disease on a quantitative basis and then invests in discovering them utilizing a specialized R&D platform designed to take full advantage of the last decade's transformational R&D innovations.  RS was founded by a multi-disciplinary team of drug discovery, data science, and private equity veterans who have built and led biotech companies worth billions and is backed by a luminary group of investors.

About OpenBench
OpenBench is pioneering success-driven collaborations to bring rigor and efficiency to outsourced early discovery. In defiance of the prevailing fee-for-service paradigm, OpenBench bears the full cost of virtual screening, custom synthesis, and experimental confirmation, so that our partners only pay for hits and leads that are proven to be potent and developable. OpenBench's proprietary structure-based machine learning platform uniquely enables the success-driven model and has succeeded in finding quality, progressible chemical material for all targets it has taken on to-date. OpenBench is currently engaged in industry and academic partnerships across a range of therapeutic areas. To learn more, contact OpenBench at or visit to sign up for a consultation.