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Building a better biotech

Related Sciences (RS) is a data-driven venture creation firm founded to systematically improve biotech's risk profile while discovering important new medicines for patients.

Leveraging large integrated datasets and predictive machine learning models, RS identifies the most attractive new drug discovery opportunities globally through the critical lens of risk and reward.

RS then constructs portfolios of top-ranking targets in breakthrough areas of biology, assembles large distributed teams of field-leading biologists, clinicians, and drug discovery scientists, and launches a unique class of entirely virtual biotech companies.

Each new RS company operates over a shared central research platform designed to materially reduce costs, facilitate access to the best new drug discovery technologies and therapeutic modalities, and increase the overall odds of successful discovery of valuable new clinic-ready medicines.

RS is led by a team with deep interdisciplinary expertise in drug discovery, biotech company creation, venture investing, and data science and is backed by a luminary group of investors.

Data-driven discovery

RS integrates and analyzes large global datasets covering the entire lifecycle of activities in biomedicine–from the earliest publications through to successful drug approvals–in order to identify the new drug targets and ascendant areas of biology that are best positioned to generate significant benefit for patients and economic value creation.

By systematically evaluating hundreds of individual metrics that each impact a program's risk-reward profile, building advanced predictive models, prioritizing targets backed by strong causal evidence of links to disease, and designing synergistic portfolios of biologically-related targets, RS is able to engineer material R&D efficiencies and superior overall odds of success.

Big team science

To develop the most robust drug discovery strategies possible, RS builds large, globally distributed teams of field-leading scientists from diverse disciplines to work together collaboratively on R&D across each portfolio.

By bringing together top biology and clinical thought leaders from academia, alongside commercial drug discovery experts, data scientists, and technologists, RS companies benefit from both depth and breadth of knowledge.  This "fractional CSO" approach serves to de-risk programs from scientific blindspots, take advantage of leading researchers' decades of program-level expertise, and enable collaborative ideation across diverse but complimentary research disciplines.


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Adam Kolom

Adam Kolom is a biotech entrepreneur and private equity investor. Adam co-founded and led two of the world’s largest cancer immunotherapy research initiatives, and has overseen more than $850 million in biotechnology and healthcare investments. Prior to founding Related Sciences, Adam co-founded Sean Parker’s $250 million nonprofit, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, where he worked closely with Sean designing the Institute, assembling its network of centers, building its roster of scientific talent, and leading over 40 biopharma partnerships.  Before PICI, Adam was Managing Director of the Cancer Research Institute's venture capital fund and global clinical trials program, a member of the healthcare private equity team at General Atlantic, and a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Adam graduated with honors from the Wharton School at UPenn with a degree in finance and economics.


Jack Milwid

Jack Milwid is a scientist, entrepreneur, and investor. As a founder of biotech companies worth billions, Jack has led R&D teams, invented platform technologies, and set strategy in an effort to create the next generation of life-saving medicines for patients. Prior to founding Related Sciences, Jack was a Principal at Flagship Pioneering, where he was a founder of the cell and gene therapy company Sana Biotechnology (SANA), a founder and leader of R&D for the targeted gene therapy company Cobalt Biomedicine, and the founding head of strategy for the microbiome therapeutics company Kaleido Biosciences (KLDO). Before Flagship, Jack was an entrepreneur at Third Rock Ventures where he cofounded cancer neoantigen vaccine pioneer, Neon Therapeutics. Jack has a PhD in Health Sciences and Technology from Harvard and MIT.


Jeff Hammerbacher

Jeff Hammerbacher is a scientist, software developer, entrepreneur, and investor. Jeff has founded and led teams that have produced dozens of scientific publications with hundreds of citations per year, 3 of the world's most popular open source database systems, over 100 angel investments, and a public company with a market capitalization of several billion dollars. Prior to founding Related Sciences, Jeff was the Principal Investigator of Hammer Lab, a founder and the Chief Scientist of Cloudera, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel, the manager of the Data team at Facebook, and a quant at Bear Stearns. In addition to his work at Related Sciences, Jeff is an angel investor with Techammer and is a board member at Ciox and Cytel. Jeff has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Harvard University.

Multi-technology platform

RS biotech companies are designed to be fully virtual, enabling the discovery of valuable portfolios of new medicines while operating leanly over a shared central research platform designed to provide all of the resources needed for world-class drug discovery without any incremental overhead investment. 

The RS research platform provides each of its companies with a curated suite of advanced drug discovery technologies, novel therapeutic modalities,  computational tools, as well as RS' preferred vendor relationships including its significant partnership with  drug discovery leader, Evotec SE, which provides RS with access to its global network of cutting-edge laboratories, advanced screening capabilities, deep multi-modality expertise, and thousands of interdisciplinary drug discovery scientists.