Related Sciences Announces the Launch and Financing of its Biotech Company, Danger Bio, with 15 Luminary Scientific Founders

Related Sciences (RS) Announces the Launch and Financing of its Biotech Company, Danger Bio, with 15 Luminary Scientific Founders


  • Danger Bio is focused on the powerful biology the immune system evolved to prevent, detect, and respond to critical threats like infection, injury, cancers, and autoimmunity.
  • This potent biology opens up a range of novel therapeutic strategies to extinguish the causal “pilot light” of many autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and to “reboot” difficult cancer microenvironments to make them responsive to immunotherapy.
  • Danger Bio launches with an expansive portfolio of 15 multi-modality drug discovery programs, each with strong validating human evidence and high scores out of millions of opportunities quantitatively evaluated by RS’s unique FacetsTM data platform.
  • Danger Bio’s decentralized staffing model includes 15 renowned Scientific Founders from around the world with field-leading expertise in innate and adaptive immunology, virology, clinical rheumatology, and oncology.

Denver, Colorado, USA / PR Newswire / July 7, 2021 / Related Sciences

Related Sciences (RS) announces the launch and $25.5M initial financing of Danger Bio, a new biotech company focused on drugging the immune system’s evolutionarily critical “danger prevention” systems to treat the root driver biology of many immune-mediated diseases.  Danger Bio’s portfolio was designed via the unique RS’s FacetsTM data platform and is the result of nearly two years of work assembling a world-leading team of Scientific Founders and planning its promising multi-modality drug discovery strategies.  

“The immune system evolved to capably perform a small number of mission-critical tasks: to detect and respond to critical cellular threats such as infection and disease, and then to quickly shut down to ensure that it does not attack self.  Because these biological programs are so essential to our minute-to-minute survival, they are also quite powerful, and as human genetics evidence now tells us, can become a major driver of disease when they become faulty or imbalanced”, said RS Co-Founder and President, Dr. Jack Milwid.

Leveraging major advances in our understanding of the intracellular sensors and innate immune activation mechanisms underlying danger prevention biology, as well as an expansive founding team of 15 of the field’s top scientific experts and clinical leaders from academia, Danger Bio aims to build a valuable portfolio of first- and best-in-class medicines to modulate the “alarm system inside of every cell” either up or down to treat disease.

At launch, Danger Bio’s portfolio represents a “constellation” of more than 15 drug discovery programs assembled by Related Sciences and its unique FacetsTM data-driven prioritization engine, which comparatively evaluates millions of individual drug opportunities across hundreds of important metrics to identify those with the very best risk-reward characteristics.

“Danger Bio is a perfect example of the unique class of risk-optimized biotech companies that Related Sciences builds.  Every aspect of Danger Bio – from its large data-designed portfolio of promising drug programs and its unique decentralized scientific staffing model, to its fully virtual operations, and multi-modality R&D strategies — was engineered from the ground-up to optimize all the variables that ultimately impact a company’s built-in odds of clinical and economic success”, said RS Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Kolom.   

To advance its highly specialized R&D strategies, Danger Bio utilizes a novel “decentralized, team science” staffing model.  Field-leading academic experts from around the world work together alongside industry-proven drug discovery veterans on hyper-specialized virtual R&D teams.  “By building multi-disciplinary teams that bring together top academic biologists and clinician-scientists with industry drug discovery teams, we can achieve an extraordinary balance of both scientific depth and breadth, maximizing our potential to bring valuable new medicines to patients”, said Dr. Brian Albrecht, Head of Drug Discovery at Related Sciences.

Danger Bio was founded with the backing of a luminary group of life sciences and technology investors, is led by the RS drug discovery and clinical R&D teams and is powered by RS’ multi-technology platforms and partnerships.

About Related Sciences

Related Sciences (RS) builds and manages a new class of risk-optimized biotech companies. By re-engineering every aspect of biotech’s traditional operating and investment model from the ground-up, RS systematically mitigates the biggest historical sources of risk and inefficiency and creates a new, significantly less risky way to invest in the discovery of valuable new medicines for patients.  To achieve this vision for “Biotech 2.0”, RS combines innovations across four complementary areas into a single scalable venture platform: 1) The RS FacetsTM data science platform optimizes opportunity selection; 2) Decentralized team science improves scientific breadth and depth; 3) A novel company architecture reduces costs and minimizes overhead; and 4) multiple technology platforms maximize R&D advantages.  RS was founded by a multi-disciplinary team of drug discovery, data science, and private equity veterans who have built and led biotech companies worth billions and is backed by a luminary group of investors.