RS Constellation I
Launched 2021

Danger Bio is developing a portfolio of novel, best-in-class therapeutics that target key imbalances in danger detection, clearance, and innate immune activation biology, to interrupt the root drivers of bad autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory cycles, and to "reboot" tumor micro-environments to unlock better response rates from immunotherapy in difficult and unresponsive cancer populations.

Biology Focus

Danger Bio focuses on danger detection—the ancient “alarm system” inside of every cell which alerts the rapid response arm of the immune system to dangerous threats like infection and injury. Specific focal points include:

  • Intra/extracellular danger sensors
  • Innate immune activation signaling cascades
  • Intra/extracellular clearance mechanisms

Evidence Base

Significant human genetics and clinical evidence demonstrates that imbalances in this essential biology can drive autoimmune & inflammatory diseases, or if underactive, enable the spread of cancers or infections

  • Top 1% of all RS human genetics evidence for links to immune-mediated diseases
  • 1,000s of convergent, corroborating datapoints across multiple lines of evidence

Portfolio Composition

  • Over 20 top-ranking drug programs currently active
  • 6 biological sub-themes and R&D teams
  • Modality-agnostic portfolio including small molecules, mAbs, mRNA, antisense oligonucleotides, RNAi, among other approaches

Disease Applications

Autoimmune & Inflammatory Diseases

  • 20+ targeted indications including SLE, RA, psoriasis, scleroderma, and rare unmet need autoimmune disorders
  • General therapeutic strategies: inhibit excess danger sensing, autoantigen presence, and/or innate immune activation to disrupt autoimmunity cycles

Cancer Immunotherapy

  • Targeting multiple difficult cancer settings with poor historical responses to immunotherapy
  • General therapeutic strategy: “Reboot” suppressive tumor microenvironments to improve response rates and durability of efficacy from immunotherapies

Scientific Leadership

World leaders in the fields of danger sensing, immunology, and virology.

Enterprise Value Creation

  • Building field-leading knowledge of assay and drug discovery strategies for difficult targets
  • Portfolio scoped to complete 5-7 IND-enabled programs with best-in-class drug discovery packages and multiple clinical paths
  • Constellation Series B planned for Q2 2023